Sandusky Church of God

Rev. Jeffrey Noble

Rev. Jeffrey Noble became the Pastor of the Sandusky Church of God in October of 2009. He and his wife, Denise have lived in Sanilac County all their lives. Both Pastor Jeff and Denise earned their licensing through the MIP program with the Church of God International, Cleveland, TN and were ordained in 2007. Pastor Jeff loves to pray, worship God and preach God’s Word. He believes in the inspired Word of God and follows the leadings of the Holy Spirit in his preaching. Pastor Jeff encourages his church to have a positive effect on our community for the glory of God through Love, Compassion and Caring.

The Sandusky Church of God is a small church with a big heart. Under the leadership of Rev. Jeff Noble, the church has grown spiritually and strengthened their faith in God’s Word. Pastor Jeff and Denise are both caring Christians who love to demonstrate Christ’s love to the world.